About Us


EndoCare Ltd has been founded with the aim of providing adequate treatment environment for a group of doctors having gained decades of experience in the field of research and treatment of insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome and reproductive endocrinology.

Under the direction of endocrinologist Dr László Tűű, the group of doctors have developed a remarkably effective complex therapy.

Based on the experience gained in the course of our medical practice, therapeutic potentials have been continuously widened, enabling optimal personalized remedial treatment.

In addition to the continuous medical attendance of a high standard, our group of doctors has the ambition to develop new diagnostic techniques and putting new curative methods into practice fast, always in conformity to the latest scientific results.

Our intention is to make the gained knowledge and experience accessible to a wider public of medical experts, therefore we organize regular further trainings for interested colleagues, hence expanding their expertise.

We are confident that the newly opened EndoCare Center will make progression both in the area of medical care and the scientific research fields possible, thus preserving our present and future patients’ trust.


By taking advantage of the user-friendly online check-in application of EndoCare Endocrinology Center patients can apply for a consultation any time, even at weekends, without waiting.

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This service is available for our outpatients, functioning as a doctor-patient communication channel which allows the information transfer about significant changes of symptoms (medicine side-effects, getting pregnant or other serious changes which may affect the treatment) and makes adjustment of the therapy (changing medications or adjusting the dose) possible.

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