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This service is available to our outpatients, functioning as a doctor-patient communication channel which allows the information transfer about significant changes of symptoms (medicine side-effects, getting pregnant or other serious changes which may affect the treatment) and makes adjustment of the therapy (changing medications or adjusting the dose) possible. It can also be applied to the care of our expatriate patients. (Service is subject to a later personal check-up within a year). By applying email consultation – among others – quick evaluation of pregnancy metabolic test results as well as the adjustment of thyroid hormone replacement or setting the medication of hyperthyroidism are within easy reach.

Simply send an email and attach your medical findings, if any!

Endocare Center will answer the email within 7 workdays electronically or in pregnancy or other urgent cases in 3 workdays. Email consultation, however, may substitute personal examination only if it is recommended by the attending physician or in vis major cases.

Email consultation service is subject to pre-payment, documents are forwarded to the attending physician as soon as the remittance of the fee is completed. Since answering even a single question requires the overview of the previous documentation and medical findings therefore the cost of the service has to be paid in such cases as well. As our assistant staff is not authorized to assess fairness requests please do not approach them with such demands! We can pay the amount back only with the management’s approval in cases where the fee waiver request is reasonable.

In special cases (medicine side-effects, illness, recognition of pregnancy, abortion, request for clarification relating to a previous email answer from our center) the email consultation is free of charge and if necessary it can also be prompt.

Subject to a regular, repetitive consultation (care of pregnant women with diabetes, progesterone replacement in early pregnancy, diabetic patients’ blood glucose adjustment, modification of insulin treatment) a more frequent communication might be necessary. In such cases only a single consultation fee per month will be charged.

For the actual fee of our email consultation please consult our price list! Fee can be paid by bank transfer or by cash at our reception.

We grant a discount on the fee of the email consultation to patients who ask for execution of the necessary laboratory examinations in our Endocare Center.

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By taking advantage of the user-friendly online check-in application of EndoCare Endocrinology Center patients can apply for a consultation any time, even at weekends, without waiting.

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