Gynecology – discount screening packages – prenatal care


Our gynecological practice lays much emphasis on finding medical solutions to fertility problems (trouble of getting pregnant, abortion) and with the cooperation of our internal medicine practice a hormonal check-up could be accomplished. We can detect and cure the disorders of anatomical origin behind the problems of getting pregnant (such as blocked fallopian tubes, myoma and endometriosis) by up-to-date ultrasound techniques.

If repeated abortions occur we have the ability to screen coagulation system disorders and to detect mal-functioning of the immune system.

In addition to our general gynecological practice we provide a special DISCOUNT SCREENING PACKAGE to check-up the fertility status of women who plan later childbearing. Our HOW MUCH TIME DO I HAVE LEFT?’ program is recommended for women over 30.

We also offer the regular fields of general gynecology such as detection of the causes behind irregular menstrual periods and their treatment, perimenopausal problems, checking the feasibility of hormone replacement (substitution) therapy, gynecological screenings, diagnosing and curing infections.

In our prenatal care practice we provide the simultaneous utilization of endocrinological/diabetological and gynecological/prenatal care services.


By taking advantage of the user-friendly online check-in application of EndoCare Endocrinology Center patients can apply for a consultation any time, even at weekends, without waiting.

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This service is available for our outpatients, functioning as a doctor-patient communication channel which allows the information transfer about significant changes of symptoms (medicine side-effects, getting pregnant or other serious changes which may affect the treatment) and makes adjustment of the therapy (changing medications or adjusting the dose) possible.

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