Laboratory Examinations


Accurate and reliable laboratory test results are the basis for the efficiency of the endocrinological practice. In this regard, owing to long term experience, our clinic contracted some of the most reliable laboratories which can produce results quickly and pay close attention to reliability and accuracy.

If discrepant laboratory results are received, our staff – who indicated the tests – may ask for the repetition to countercheck the values; this service is provided by the laboratory out of turn and free of charge.

By cooperating with special laboratories we have access to special laboratory examinations as well, like genetic screening tests, chromosome analysis, enrichment culture technique/ microbiology testing.


By taking advantage of the user-friendly online check-in application of EndoCare Endocrinology Center patients can apply for a consultation any time, even at weekends, without waiting.

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This service is available for our outpatients, functioning as a doctor-patient communication channel which allows the information transfer about significant changes of symptoms (medicine side-effects, getting pregnant or other serious changes which may affect the treatment) and makes adjustment of the therapy (changing medications or adjusting the dose) possible.

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